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14 Best Burial & Final Expense Insurance Companies 

After looking at many companies, we’re excited to share the best burial insurance companies. Mutual of Omaha is at the top this year. You don’t have to wait to use the insurance, and you won’t have to pay much each month because it’s really affordable.

Planning for end-of-life costs is super important. It helps make sure your family doesn’t struggle with money during a tough time.

Burial and final expense insurance can help with this. They cover things like funeral expenses and medical bills.

There are lots of options out there, which can feel overwhelming. But if you check out reviews, find prices you can afford, and don’t have to wait to use it, it can help you decide.

Plus, they can give you up to $50,000 in coverage, which is more than some other companies.

In this article, we’ll chat about the top burial and final expense insurance companies. Just remember, there’s no one perfect company for everyone. So, take your time comparing different ones before you decide.

Best Burial & Final Expense Insurance Companies

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important to pick the right burial and final expense insurance to get ready for those end-of-life costs.
  • Consider coverage options, premiums, and policy features when selecting an insurance provider.
  • Research the best burial insurance companies’ reputation, financial strength, and customer service.
  • Mutual of Omaha, Aflac, and Transamerica are among the top providers in this industry.
  • Looking at the top companies will help you decide better according to what you want and need.

Best Burial & Final Expense Insurance Companies

CompaniesA.M Best Rating
Best for immediate coverage and affordability: Mutual of OmahaA+
Best for young adults: AflacA+
Best for low coverage amounts: TransamericaA
Best for guaranteed acceptance: Gerber Life InsuranceA
Best for those with low grade cancer: AIG (American International Group)A
Best for smokers: American AmicableA
Best for multiple levels of coverage: AmericoA
Best for the elderly: Aetna (American Continental Insurance Company)A
Best for community-focused member benefits: Foresters FinancialA-
Best for diabetics: Royal Neighbors of AmericaA-
Best for paid-up policy options: Baltimore LifeB++
Best for final expense coverage simplicity: Liberty Bankers LifeB++
Best for complicated medical history: Prosperity LifeA-
Best for senior insurance peace of mind: Sentinel Security LifeB++

Mutual of Omaha

This year, Mutual of Omaha is the top pick for final expense insurance all over the country, except for New York.

They offer a special type of coverage called Living Promise that lasts for your whole life. And you don’t have to be super old to get it – even people under 50 can apply, which is kind of rare.

When you apply, they’ll check some stuff like your medical history and prescriptions. Sometimes they’ll even call you to chat about it.

So, individuals with fewer health issues benefit from reduced coverage rates.

Face Amounts: $2,000 – $40,000 ($20,000 Graded Max)


  • Level
  • Graded


  • Level – Immediate
  • Graded – 2-year policy (Return of Premium plus 10%); Full payout for accidental death.


Instant full coverage upon approval for natural or accidental death, with no waiting period.

Coverage without medical exam up to $50,000 in value.

Speedy approvals are within 24 hours for most applications.


You must buy this policy through an agent. You can’t buy it online or directly from Mutual of Omaha. 

Exclusive to licensed Mutual of Omaha agencies, requiring verbal application with an agent. 

Opting for Mutual of Omaha coverage via mail or website entails a two-year waiting period and a maximum coverage cap of $25,000. 

This personalized approach ensures tailored guidance and help throughout the application process.

Why We Choose It:

Mutual of Omaha’s “Living Promise” policy stands out as the premier choice in the market due to competitive pricing. Plus, an acceptance of various common health conditions.

Notably, approval grants immediate coverage without any waiting period. 

The policy offers coverage of up to $50,000, even for seniors over 80, a higher limit than most competitors.

Mutual of Omaha is reliable because they have great financial ratings and not too many complaints. So, you can trust them.

Moreover, adjusting coverage post-issuance is straightforward. 

Unlike competitors that need cumbersome paper forms, policyholders can make changes via email.

Furthermore, Mutual of Omaha offers superior life insurance options for children requiring coverage.

Best burial and final expense insurance companies- life insurancce


You don’t need a medical exam to get it, but you do have to answer some health questions. Aflac also checks your medication history online to understand your health better.

If you pass away, Aflac gives your family money that they can use for your burial or other end-of-life expenses. They can use the money for anything they need, not just for funerals. 

And if there’s any money left over, your loved ones can keep it and use it if they want.

Aflac’s final expense whole life insurance comes in three health ratings:

  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Modified

Which one you qualify for depends on your health history. 

The Preferred plan is the cheapest and has no waiting period for natural causes of death. 

The Standard plan costs a bit more and also has no waiting period. 

Finally, the Modified plan is the most expensive and has a two-year waiting period.  

When you die in the first two years (except for an accident), Aflac refunds 110% of the premiums you paid (Return of Premium Life Insurance).

Face Amounts: $2,000 – $25,000 (Preferred to Modified)


  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Modified


  • Preferred and Standard – No 2-year waiting period but subject to approval.
  • Modified – 2-year waiting period (Return of all premiums paid + 10% interest first two years)


Aflac has good prices for young adults and people in their 50s, offering some of the lowest rates around. It stays affordable for people over 60. 

Major agencies like AM Best also give Aflac high ratings, showing its robust financial strength.

They reaffirm its status as a renowned and trusted brand in the insurance industry. 

Also, Aflac makes it easy for adults to get insurance because of its simple underwriting process and no need for exams. Especially for those adults who have health issues.

It includes chronic conditions, enabling them to secure a policy with no waiting period.


Age limitation applies – Only individuals up to the age of 80 qualify. It differs from several final expense insurance providers that extend eligibility to ages 85-90. 

Aflac’s recent entry into the final expense insurance market was in 2022. 

This timing might make it harder to get help with existing policies. This is especially true when compared to more established providers.

Thus, prospective policyholders should consider this aspect while evaluating their insurance options.

Why we chose it:

We picked Aflac as one of the best insurance companies because it offers great coverage and takes good care of its customers.


ransamerica has ways to cover final needs, like Easy, Immediate, and 10-Pay Solution products.

Transamerica offers coverage for people from ages to 85. They ensure everyone has the insurance they need, regardless of age or health.

They offer graded terms to accommodate various health classes.

The 10-pay option offers a convenient payment plan. It enables policyholders to complete payments within ten years.

Considering any money you still owe on a loan can make it easier to manage your finances and feel less stressed.

Face Amounts: 

  • $1,000 – $50,000
  • $1,000 – $25,000 (Ages 76+)


  • Level
  • Graded


  • Immediate Solution – Immediate
  • Easy Solution – 2 Years (Returns premiums with a 10% bonus or offers a 30% payout, which increases to 60% in PA, NV, and AR).
  • Accidental death pays in full.


You don’t need to have a medical exam, and you get coverage right away even if you have health issues.

Such as COPD, kidney disease (including dialysis), heart disease, and other ailments can secure immediate coverage without undergoing a medical examination.

Though they must still respond to health-related inquiries. This approach ensures accessibility for applicants with pre-existing conditions.

Transamerica allows policyholders to buy a death benefit as low as $1,000. This is a lower minimum compared to most funeral insurance companies.

Which need minimums ranging from $2,000 to $5,000.  

This flexibility means you can get coverage that’s just right for what you need and what you can afford.


Applying with Transamerica can be a little tricky because you’ll need to fill out a long form. Plus, limited flexibility for making changes after submission.  

Also, contacting Transamerica via telephone can result in extended hold times. It often exceeds those experienced with other insurance providers.

Why We Choose It:

With over 100 years of experience, Transamerica is the top burial insurance company. 

Their final expense insurance is one of the cheapest compared to other companies. Transamerica offers the least expensive burial insurance for older adults over 70.

They say yes to people who have health problems that most companies would say no to. 

Also, they are one of the few companies that let you pay with a Direct Express Mastercard from Social Security. 

Transamerica also has a good 10-pay option. With this plan, you pay for ten years, and then your policy is fully paid. 

You don’t have to pay any more money, and your coverage stays in place forever.

Gerber Life Insurance

The Gerber Life Guaranteed life insurance is a very easy final expense life insurance policy. It’s for people aged 50 to 80.

There are no questions about your health. That means anyone can get approved.

The application is easy. It’s just 2 pages long, and you can fill it out by hand or over the phone.

The prices for this insurance are also very low. That makes Gerber’s policies one of the best options available now.

You can get Gerber’s policies in every state except Arizona and Montana.

Face Amounts: $5,000 – $25,000

Types: Guaranteed


  • 2 Years (Return of Premium + 10%)
  • Accidental death pays full


Gerber Life Insurance Company has strong financial security, meaning they can be trusted to pay out claims. 

People who have Gerber’s insurance are usually very happy with their service. 

Their final expense policies are cheap, so they’re good for people who want to plan for the end of their life without spending too much money. 

Gerber is a well-known and trusted brand, making people feel comfortable getting insurance. 

They offer policies that don’t require a medical exam, which can be easier for some people to get. 

Gerber also provides insurance for kids, giving parents peace of mind about their children’s future.


Gerber Life Insurance Company has some limitations. 

They don’t offer very high policy amounts, so if you need a lot of coverage, you might need to look elsewhere. 

Also, their adult policies might not be as good a deal as some other companies’ policies.

Why We Choose It:

Gerber Life Insurance Company is well-known in the life insurance world. It’s known for offering competitively priced final expense policies for seniors. 

While their children’s insurance might not be the cheapest, they are still a popular choice. 

But, if you’re looking for more than $25,000 coverage, you might find better rates with other companies. Some offer medically underwritten policies.

Best burial and final expense insurance companies - Gerber Life Insurance

AIG (American International Group)

AIG stands out for its unique policy offerings, particularly on certain types of cancer coverage.

Unlike other burial life insurance companies, AIG is the only company that approves immediate coverage for specific cancers at stages 0-1. There is no waiting period imposed.

It means an applicant diagnosed with these early-stage cancers can secure coverage without delays.

Face Amounts: $5,000 – $25,000

Types: Guaranteed


  • 2 Years (Return of Premium + 10%)
  • Accidental death pays full


AIG is the only company that gives immediate coverage for certain early-stage cancers without any waiting time. This is something other burial insurance companies don’t do.

They’re also quick at making decisions about your application. It is usually in less than 10 minutes.  

Plus, their prices are like other companies offering final expense insurance, so it’s affordable.

And if you need it, AIG has a guaranteed acceptance option. That means you can get coverage without answering any health questions. 

It’s a straightforward way to get insurance, especially if you have health issues.


AIG isn’t easy to get hold of on the phone. Making changes to your policy always involves filling out paper forms. It can be inconvenient.

If you have common health issues like diabetes or depression as a senior, AIG might not be the best choice. 

They’ll give you a graded policy with a two-year waiting period. It means you have to wait two years before you get full coverage. Plus, you’ll end up paying more for your policy.

Why We Choose It:

Choosing AIG (American International Group) makes sense for certain health situations. If you have certain early-stage cancers like stages 0-1, AIG is your top choice. 

You can get a policy without waiting, and it’s the cheapest option they have. But remember, this only works for specific cancers.

AIG is also great for people who recently had a heart attack, especially if they don’t smoke. They can get a plan with immediate benefits.

Lastly, if you don’t want to answer health questions, AIG has a guaranteed issue whole life policy. 

But because there’s no health questionnaire, it costs more and comes with a waiting period.

American Amicable

American Amicable offers something called final expense insurance. It’s a kind of insurance that lasts your whole life and helps pay for things when you’re older and might need it most.

You don’t have to go through a medical exam; you just have to answer some health questions.

They’ll also check your past medications to understand your health better.

After you pass away, American Amicable will send the insurance money to your family or the funeral home.

Your family will get a cash payment that they can use for anything they need, and they won’t have to pay taxes on it.

And whatever money is left over is theirs to keep.

Face Amounts:

  • Minimum – $2,500
  • Maximum – 50-75: $50k and 76-85: $25k


  • Immediate
  • Graded
  • ROP


  • Immediate – No 2-year waiting period (subject to underwriting approval).
  • Graded – 2-year waiting period (1st Year: 30% payout and 2nd Year: 70% payout)
  • ROP – 2-year waiting period


American Amicable offers some great benefits for smokers. They usually have affordable rates, which is good news for smokers. 

Even if you like to smoke a cigar or pipe once in a while, you could still get cheaper prices as if you weren’t a tobacco user.

What’s cool about American Amicable is that they give you some extra options to customize your policy. 

You can add on things like Accidental Death, Children’s Coverage, and Nursing Home Premium Waiver for a bit extra. 

It’s a nice way to tailor your coverage to your specific needs.

And here’s the best part – their underwriters are super understanding. American Amicable listens to you, Unlike some companies that stick to rules. 

If you have reasons for taking certain medications, they will consider them when deciding if you qualify for coverage.

It’s a more personal touch that can make a big difference.


It might not be the cheapest option if you’re in pretty good health. Other insurance companies tend to offer rates that are around 5% to 15% lower for people who are in decent shape.

Why We Choose It:

We chose American Amicable mainly because of their underwriting process. 

For seniors with complex medical histories, especially if you’re on a lot of medications. They’re often your best bet for getting coverage without having to wait.

Their prices for smokers are usually the best around, and if you occasionally smoke cigars or a pipe. They’ll let you apply for coverage at a lower, non-tobacco rate. 

It could mean paying 20% to 40% less compared to other companies that charge higher rates for tobacco users.

Their customer service is really great. They have a live chat option where you can talk to a company representative in about a minute. 

Plus, you can make almost all changes to your policy by talking to them or doing it online.


Americo’s Ultra Protector Series is a final expense product that comes in three tiers. It offers various levels of coverage based on your needs and health status. 

Gender is the only basis for the distinction in rating class.

The maximum issue ages vary depending on the tier, with 85 for tier I, 80 for tier II, and 75 for the third tier. 

So, your health condition determines the maximum age at which you can get coverage.

The policy includes an accelerated death benefit rider. Also, you can add children’s riders to the policy if needed.

Face Amounts: $2,000 – $30,000


  • Level
  • Graded


  • Ultra Protector I – Immediate
  • Ultra Protector II – Immediate
  • Ultra Protector II – 3 years (5% payout, 10% payout, 75% payout)
  • Accidental death pays full


Americo provides a sense of financial security through its offerings. They excel in providing excellent coverage without the need for a medical exam. 

Also, to its core products, Americo also offers various extra insurance options.

They stand out for offering a range of extensive riders. It provides additional layers of customization and flexibility to their policies.


They offer a limited variety of policy types, which may not meet the specific needs of all individuals. 

Additionally, limited policy information is available online. It makes it challenging for customers to understand their options fully. 

Americo also lacks widespread brand recognition compared to some other insurance companies. 

Also, the absence of online quotes for universal or term life policies makes it less convenient for customers to compare options.

Why We Choose It:

We picked Americo because they’re known for being stable and reliable in the insurance world.

Their excellent coverage options, particularly their no-exam policies, make them a great choice. They are ideal for those seeking hassle-free insurance solutions.

With Americo, you can be sure you’re getting good insurance from a company that offers lots of choices to fit your needs.

Best burial and final expense insurance companies - final expense insurance

Aetna (American Continental Insurance Company)

The ACI/CLI Final Expense policy from American Continental, an Aetna company, is set up as a graded product. 

This easy-to-get policy doesn’t need you to meet any specific height or weight requirements, and you don’t have to take any medical exams. 

Instead, you just need to fill out an application and do a tele-interview. If you answer “Yes” to any health questions, though, you won’t be able to get this policy.

Unfortunately, if you have serious health issues like lung, heart, or mobility problems, you won’t qualify for this policy. You might have to check out other options instead.

Also, remember that the state you live in might limit the coverage you can get and where you can get it.

So, it’s important to check if you qualify for this policy based on where you live.

Face Amounts: $3,000 – $35,000


  • Level
  • Graded
  • Modified


  • Level – Immediate
  • Graded – 2 years (40% payout, 70% payout)
  • Modified – 2 Years (Return of Premium + 10% interest first two years)


You can apply for a new policy with Aetna up to the age of 89, making it accessible for seniors up to that age.

Aetna offers policies with no medical exams and very flexible underwriting criteria. 

Even if you have ongoing health issues like COPD or diabetes, you can still get coverage right away.

And if you have certain Aetna senior products, you might get a discount of about 10%, which can save you some money.

According to ValuePenguin, Aetna has mixed customer reviews. Some customers report dissatisfaction with the service and claims handling.

Aetna does a great job, and hardly anyone complains about them to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). 

This level of customer satisfaction is rare and impressive in the insurance industry.


Aetna doesn’t offer guaranteed issue life insurance. So, you need to qualify for their coverage by answering health questions. 

It means there’s a chance they could deny you coverage because they don’t currently offer any guaranteed issue options.

Why We Choose It:

Unusually, Aetna allows individuals over 85 to get a new policy. 

Their burial insurance for seniors has competitive rates. Also, accepts applicants with high-risk health conditions without a waiting period. 

For instance, they don’t have any weight restrictions. So, even if you’re overweight, it won’t affect your eligibility.

Aetna has a spotless record with the NAIC and good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Also, it’s an A rating with AM Best.

You can easily apply for Aetna life insurance over the phone by speaking with a licensed Aetna agent. Often, you’ll find out if you’re approved or declined in under 15 minutes.

Foresters Financial

The Foresters PlanRight Whole Life policy offers flexible permanent coverage that you can buy.

It’s considered one of the top funeral insurance products. Especially for those who meet the health requirements.

Foresters assess applicants differently based on whether they smoke or not. It is uncommon in final expense insurance.

You’ll need to undergo a brief personal history interview and a prescription check to apply. 

It could affect your classification if you answer “yes” to any questions. It can result in a decline, modification, or graded status.

Face Amounts: $5,000 – $35,000


  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Basic


  • Preferred – Immediate
  • Standard – Immediate
  • Basic – 2 Years (Return of Premium + 10%)


Foresters Life Insurance has built a strong reputation over the years, offering trustworthy and reliable coverage. 

They make it easy to get insured by offering policies without the hassle of medical exams. 

Plus, they provide a variety of options to enhance your coverage with different riders. With competitive rates, Foresters ensures that their final expense policies are affordable for all. 

As a policyholder, you can enjoy extra perks and benefits as part of their membership program.


While their coverage is extensive, you won’t find online quotes readily available, which can be inconvenient for some. 

Additionally, there are restrictions on coverage in certain areas, so it’s essential to verify eligibility based on your location. 

Moreover, Foresters offers a limited selection of policy options compared to some competitors, which may not cater to everyone’s needs. 

Lastly, detailed policy information online is scarce, making it harder for potential customers to grasp all their options.

Why We Choose It:

We choose Foresters Life Insurance because of its long-standing reputation for reliability. The availability of policies without medical exams and the variety of rider options. 

Despite some limitations like no online quotes and sparse policy information online, Foresters offers competitive rates and valuable member benefits. It makes a solid choice for many.

Best Burial and Final expense insurance companies - whole life insurance

Royal Neighbors of America

Even though Royal Neighbors of America operates in only a select few states. Their Simplified Issue Whole Life and Graded Death Benefit Whole Life plans provide lifelong coverage. 

With just a handful of straightforward health questions to answer, even if you respond with a “Yes,” applicants aged 50 to 75 still have the option of the graded choice. 

They don’t categorize applicants into preferred or sub-standard rates. Instead, they assess based on tobacco and non-tobacco ratings for each gender.

Face Amounts:

  • Simplified Issue – $7,000 – $30,000
  • Graded: $5,000 – $10,000





  • Simplified – Immediate
  • Graded – 2 years (30% payout, 70% payout)
  • Accidental death pays in full.


Royal Neighbors of America stands out as exceptionally welcoming to individuals with diabetes. 

Regardless of whether you require insulin or are significantly overweight, there’s no weight limit. Additionally, the company has a notably low rate of application declines. 

The insurance company approves coverage for most applicants without a waiting period.

Also, Royal Neighbors of America is known for being accommodating to various medical conditions commonly seen in seniors.


Royal Neighbors of America tends to have higher prices for individuals in their 50s compared to other companies. 

Its rates were similar to those charged by other insurers for individuals aged 60-65. If you’re under 60 and in good health, you may find better options elsewhere. 

In addition, reaching Royal Neighbors of America via telephone can be frustrating. Callers often experience extremely long hold times, lasting between 15 to 30 minutes.

Why We Choose It:

Royal Neighbors offers competitive prices for applicants aged 60-80. And their lenient underwriting often results in immediate coverage approval for most applicants. 

Even those with specific health issues, like diabetic neuropathy, that might lead to denials or modified policies from other companies. 

It can secure Royal Neighbors’ lowest rate and comprehensive coverage from the first payment onward.

Financially robust, Royal Neighbors has a commendable philanthropic history and provides all policyholders with free member benefits. It enhances the overall value of their coverage.
Best burial and final expense insurance companies - health insurance

Baltimore Life

Baltimore Life’s Silver Guard simplified issue whole life series offers various insurance options tailored to consumers’ health status. 

These non-participatory whole life products, available for individuals aged 50 to 80, ensure lifelong coverage. 

Applicants must meet build chart requirements, where height and weight factors may influence their rates.

Face Amounts:

  • $2,500 – $25,000 (Series I)
  • $2,500 – $15,000 (Series II)
  • $2,500 – $10,000 (Series III)


  • Immediate (Series I)
  • Simplified (Series II)
  • Graded (Series III)


  • Series I – Immediate
  • Series II – 2 years (policyholders receive a payout of 25%, increasing to 50% thereafter; full payment by accidental death).
  • Series III – 2 years (policyholders receive a payout of 25%, increasing to 50% thereafter; full payment by accidental death).


Baltimore Life provides diverse paid-up policy options. It includes a 20-pay plan requiring payments for just 20 years, after which the policy is paid up for life. 

Additionally, they offer a single pay option, allowing for lifetime coverage with a single payment and no further premiums due.

Their underwriting process is excellent, accommodating applicants with various high-risk conditions. 

They consider conditions such as COPD, diabetes, kidney disease, previous heart attacks, or strokes.

Also, they approve many applicants for immediate coverage, even if other insurers have declined them.


Baltimore Life mandates a wet signature on paper forms for all policy changes. It may seem outdated compared to other insurers who accept verbal or electronic changes.

Furthermore, their AM Best rating stands at B++, lower than many other final expense insurance companies.

Why We Choose It:

Baltimore Life stands out in the final expense insurance sector for several reasons. They offer competitive premiums, making them comparable to most other insurers. 

Moreover, they have a track record of approving applicants considered high-risk by other companies, including seniors up to age 89.

Another notable feature is their many limited-pay options, a rarity in the burial insurance market. 

Also, their application process is efficient, with approvals granted within 10 minutes.

Baltimore Life’s B++ rating, categorized as “Good” by AM Best, may raise concerns for some, but it’s still reputable.

Baltimore Life’s long-standing presence in the industry since 1882 speaks to its stability and longevity. It reassures customers of their reliability for years to come.

Liberty Bankers Life

So, with Liberty Bankers Final Expense life insurance, you’ve got this accelerated death benefit thing that covers Terminal Illness or Chronic Illness. You can check their product brochure.

They’ve got this whole life insurance deal with preferred, standard, and modified options. And there’s this SIMPLE thing that has both preferred and standard options.

And, if you go for their modified whole life insurance policy, you’ve got this 3-year graded death benefit situation.

Face Amounts: $3,000-$30,000


  • Simplified
  • Modified


  • Simplified – Guaranteed death benefit day one. There is a 20% premium discount for the first year only if you elect to pay annually.
  • Modified – Graded benefit 3-year. 
  • Death benefits aren’t paid for natural causes within the first 3 years unless it’s accident-related. 
  • If death is from natural causes, beneficiaries receive premiums paid plus 10%. By year 4, the death benefit equals 100%; year 5, 105%; and year 6, 110%.


Liberty Bankers Life has a strong financial rating. It ensures stability and reliability for policyholders.  

Additionally, it offers no-exam life insurance, streamlining the application process. It’s also recognized as a top choice for burial and final expense coverage.


Liberty Bankers Life is that it can be pricey compared to other options. 

Additionally, it’s not as widely recognized as some other insurance providers. It could affect trust and accessibility for potential customers. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t offer universal life policies, limiting the variety of coverage options available to customers.

Why We Choose It:

We choose Liberty Bankers Life as one of the best companies because they have a strong financial reputation.

They make life insurance easy with no medical exams. Also, it’s recognized as a top choice for burial and final expense coverage.

Best burial and final expense insurance companies - bankers life insurance

Prosperity Life

Prosperity Life burial insurance is also known as a final expense or funeral insurance. It is a whole life policy that covers your final expenses.

You don’t need a medical exam, but you’ll need to answer some health questions.

Prosperity looks at your past medications to understand your health history. Premiums stay the same, the coverage amount doesn’t decrease, and the policy lasts forever.

It builds cash value over time like other whole life insurance policies. When you pass away, Prosperity pays your beneficiaries a tax-free cash benefit.

Your loved ones can use the money for anything, not just funeral expenses, like paying off debts or medical bills.

Whatever’s left after the burial insurance cost is theirs to keep and spend as they wish.

Face Amounts: Types:

  • Level
  • Graded
  • Modified


  • Level – No 2-year waiting period (subject to underwriting approval).
  • Graded – 2-year waiting period (1st Year: 30%, 2nd Year: 70%)
  • Modified –  2-year waiting period (1st Year: 110% of premiums, 2nd Year: 231% of premiums)
  • Optional Riders – Accidental Death (2X the payout for accidental death)


Prosperity Final Expense Life Insurance offers immediate coverage with no waiting period. 

A simple qualification through a health questionnaire. Plus, competitive rates for non-cigarette tobacco users. 

You get approved fast, within 10 minutes, and you can pay with Direct Express cards.

While not available in every state, it provides permanent lifetime coverage with costs that never increase and flexible underwriting for most seniors.


Other companies may offer cheaper rates, making it less competitive in terms of pricing.

The modified plan can be costly, potentially making it less affordable compared to similar policies.

Use of antipsychotic medications for any reason may result in being offered the graded plan, which could limit coverage options.

There’s no guaranteed issue option available, which may restrict access for individuals with certain health conditions or those seeking simplified application processes.

Why We Choose It:

Prosperity Life is great at providing insurance for seniors with prior high-risk medical conditions. 

If you’ve had ambiguous medications like certain heart pills in the past, Prosperity might be your best bet for getting coverage without a waiting period. 

Their graded plan is another option, offering partial coverage. Also, it’s often ideal for seniors with challenging medical conditions like kidney disease or liver cirrhosis. 

Plus, their prices are on the lower end compared to competitors, and they usually approve applications in just a few minutes. 

They’ve also got a convenient customer portal on their website where you can easily make policy changes.

Best burial and final expense insurance companies - final expense life insurance

Sentinel Security Life

Sentinel Security Life has been in the game since 1948, and they’ve got three flavors of final expense insurance policies up their sleeve. 

These policies are whole life, meaning they stick with you for the long haul and even build up some cash value over time. 

And they’ve got a pretty decent A.M. Best Rating of B++, which is solid, and they’re currently up and running in 26 states.

So there’s a good chance they’re available where you are.

Face Amounts:


  • New Vantage I 
  • New Vantage II
  • New Vantage III


  • New Vantage I – Immediate
  • New Vantage II – Immediate coverage (1st year – 30%, 2nd year – 70%, and 3rd year – 100%)
  • New Vantage III – Depending on the policyholder’s death.


Their strong consumer ratings, including a favorable BBB rating and minimal negative reviews, highlight their reliability and customer satisfaction. 

You’ll enjoy immediate coverage, ensuring you’re protected from day one. Although their New Vantage II and New Vantage III policies offer enhanced benefits over time. 

Additionally, Sentinel Security Life Insurance provides a range of products beyond life insurance. 

Another benefit is the absence of a medical exam requirement for their whole life insurance policies. It simplifies the application process with just a simple health survey to complete. 


Sentinel Security Life Insurance offers policies and annuities that vary by state, with coverage not available in all states. 

Their website features an interactive map outlining available products on a state-by-state basis. 

While you won’t need a medical exam to apply for coverage, the application process is inconvenient as there’s no online application portal.

You’ll likely need to contact an agent to discuss your options. 

Moreover, Sentinel Security Life doesn’t offer term or universal coverage, limiting flexibility compared to other leading insurance companies. 

Why We Choose It:

We choose Sentinel Security Life Insurance for several reasons. 

Firstly, their extensive 70-year history in the insurance industry demonstrates their stability and expertise. 

This longevity reassures policyholders of their reliability and knowledge in providing insurance solutions. 

Additionally, Sentinel Security Life Insurance offers a generous grace period of 20 days. 

It allows policyholders the flexibility to cancel their policy without penalties if they have a change of heart. 

This commitment to customer satisfaction and flexibility makes SSL Insurance a favorable choice for many individuals seeking reliable coverage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Burial & Final Expense Insurance

Choosing the right burial and final expense insurance policy requires careful consideration of several key factors. 

Our unique approach and in-depth research, blending consensus and data, is pioneering in its field. 

When it comes to our ratings, rest assured they provide an impartial assessment of the leading life insurance companies. 

We meticulously evaluate each company across various criteria:

  • Price/Value: Are their rates competitive?
  • Product Availability: Do they offer products suitable for your needs?
  • Financial Strength: Can they fulfill their claims?
  • Customer Service: Are they good at accommodating their customers?
  • User Experience: Is their product easy to understand, purchase, and claim?
  • Brand/Size: Do they have a solid reputation?
  • Consensus: Is the general opinion about the company positive?

Considering these factors, we ensure our ratings offer an objective perspective on each company’s performance.

How To Pick The Best Funeral Insurance Policy

Picking the perfect and best final expense policy is just like shopping for anything else. You’ve got to check out plans from different companies and see what they’re offering.  

Keep in mind that these insurance companies are mainly competing on two fronts: price and underwriting. It means what health conditions they’re okay with and which ones they’re not.

Tip: Every company out there might claim they’re the best, but the truth is, what’s best for one person might not be the same for another. That’s because they all have their own prices and policies when it comes to dealing with different health issues.

The application specifically inquires if you had a diabetes diagnosis or treatment before age 45. 

Answering yes to this question could lead them to offer you their graded policy, which comes with a higher cost and a two-year waiting period.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your options further. Click here to book an appointment directly into our calendar.

Best burial and final expense insurance companies - funeral insurance policy

Final Thought

Getting burial and final expense insurance is really important for making sure you’re ready for end-of-life costs.

You’ve got a few good choices out there like Mutual of Omaha, Aflac, and Transamerica. 

But before you pick, think about stuff like how much coverage you need, how much you’ll pay each month, and what special stuff the policy includes.

Remember, what works best for one person may not be the ideal choice for another. Take the time to compare providers and find the right fit for your needs. 

If you want to learn more about final expense insurance, check out our complete guide

Your peace of mind and your loved ones’ financial stability are worth the effort. 

Click here to read more and empower yourself with knowledge about final expense insurance.

FAQs: Best Burial & Final Expense Insurance Companies 

How does burial insurance work?

So, let’s talk about burial insurance. It’s also called final expense insurance. Here’s how it works: When someone who has this insurance passes away, their family gets some money. This money can be used to pay for the funeral, burial, or cremation costs, medical bills, and anything else related to saying goodbye.

Which final expense insurance companies offer policies without a waiting period?

Some companies offer final expense insurance without making you wait before you can use it. These include Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Aetna, and Aflac, among others.

But here’s the deal: To qualify for this kind of policy, you usually need to answer some health questions. They won’t make you do a medical exam, though.

How much is the cost of burial insurance?

Typically, a burial insurance policy with a $10,000 death benefit ranges from $50 to $100 per month. 

But you’ve got to know, the price of final expense insurance can change based on different things. That means how old you are, whether you’re a boy or a girl, where you live, if you smoke, how healthy you are, and how much insurance you want to get. So, are burial policies a good investment?

Yes. Investing in a burial policy can offer peace of mind, especially if you lack other means to cover burial expenses. 

A final expense policy ensures that your family avoids financial strain when covering your end-of-life costs. 

Does life insurance typically cover burial expenses?

Different types of life insurance, like whole, universal, and term life policies, give your family money when you pass away. And the good news is, they don’t have to pay any taxes on that money.

This benefit can be used for various purposes, including covering funeral expenses.

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