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Family First: Insuring Your Legacy Lives On

Peak Burial Insurance prioritizes your family, offering personalized support to protect your loved ones and ensure your legacy endures, embodying our commitment to family first.

Evaluate pricing across America's leading and most reliable life insurance providers.

Personalized Guidance

We tailor burial insurance solutions to fit your unique needs, ensuring the best fit for you and your family.

Trusted Expertise

Leveraging years of industry experience to navigate the complexities of burial insurance, providing clarity and confidence.

Compassionate Support

Our approach is rooted in understanding and empathy, making the process of choosing burial insurance as stress-free as possible.


Peak Burial Insurance

Choosing Peak Burial Insurance means prioritizing your family’s future and peace of mind. Here’s why we stand out:

Tailored coverage that meets your unique needs.​

We’re here for you with empathy and understanding.​

Over 20 years of experience at your service.​

Your legacy and family’s security are our top priorities.​

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About Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is a straightforward plan that helps cover your funeral and final expenses. It ensures your family won’t face financial stress when you’re gone. By paying a small amount now, you protect them from big costs later. It’s easy to obtain and offers peace of mind, knowing your loved ones will be cared for.

Peak Burial Insurance Logo
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Meet Jeff Gill - Our Friendly CEO

Hi! I’m Jeff Gill, the guy who leads Peak Mutual LLC and the brains behind Peak Burial Insurance. But, let’s forget about titles for a second. What really matters to me is being a husband and a dad. Those are the best parts of my life.
Back in 2002, I jumped into the world of insurance. I did it because I wanted to help families feel secure and happy. Knowing that my work makes a difference for people is pretty awesome.

Outside of work, I’m just a regular person. I love spending quality time with my family, whether we’re exploring new places or just chilling at home. Being a husband and dad has taught me so much about caring, loving, and looking out for others. I bring these lessons to my work every day, aiming to make insurance simple and worry-free for you.

But there’s more to life than work, right? When I’m not busy with my CEO duties or being “Dad,” you might find me by a lake, fishing rod in hand, or out in the fields, enjoying some farming. I really enjoy these hobbies because they let me connect with nature and relax.

So, that’s a quick peek into who I am. My goal is to make sure you and your family feel safe and cared for with our insurance. Thanks for getting to know me a bit, I’m here to help at Peak Burial Insurance whenever you need me.


Insurance Comparison

At Peak Burial Insurance, we meticulously compare a wide range of burial insurance policies to highlight key differences in coverage and costs, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Personalized Recommendations

Leverage our expertise for personalized burial insurance recommendations at Peak Burial Insurance, where we consider your unique circumstances to find the perfect policy match.

Insurance Brokerage

As your dedicated broker, Peak Burial Insurance navigates the complexities of purchasing burial insurance, streamlining the process to secure your peace of mind efficiently.

Educational Resources

Peak Burial Insurance offers comprehensive guides and resources, empowering you with knowledge about burial insurance policies, terms, and the selection process.

Policy Management Assistance

Trust Peak Burial Insurance to assist with all facets of policy management, from beneficiary changes to updating your coverage details, for seamless insurance experience.

Financial Planning Advice

Integrate burial insurance into your financial planning with Peak Burial Insurance's expert advice, ensuring your end-of-life expenses are thoughtfully accounted for.

Customer Support

Peak Burial Insurance prides itself on exceptional customer support, offering ongoing assistance for any queries or needs related to your burial insurance policy.

Consultation Services

Our expert consultations at Peak Burial Insurance provide clarity and guidance on all aspects of burial insurance, ensuring your questions are answered with precision.

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The Process Layout

With Peak Burial Insurance, start with a personalized consultation, enjoy a customized comparison of policies, and finalize your ideal choice with expert assistance.

Initial Consultation

Discuss your needs and budget with us to tailor your insurance search.

Customized Policy Comparison

Receive a curated comparison of policies highlighting key differences.

Contact Agent

Choose the best policy with our guidance and complete the purchase smoothly.

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Discover how we’ve guided families through their times of need with compassion and expertise. Read their stories to understand the peace of mind our tailored burial and final expense insurance solutions can bring.

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